Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Varieties :-)

This is a band.

This is a big band.

This is a maxi band.

This is a mini band.

This is a mili band.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cameron makes case for retaining the Union

Ahead of the upcoming Scottish elections and awaited triumph of the SNP, David Cameron has written THIS article for today's Daily Telegraph named 'Scots and English flourish in the Union' in which he advocates an opinion that what Scottish people want is delivery, not divorce.
Here is the most important part of his piece:

"... Gordon Brown's speeches about Britishness, telling us to plant flags in our lawns (an idea which is profoundly unBritish), doesn't get us anywhere. Instead of these ludicrous entreaties, and telling Scotland she would be economically weak if the Union broke up, we should explain what we would all lose - politically, culturally and historically. Because the links between Scotland and England have never been stronger: more Scots live in England, and more English people live in Scotland, than ever before; almost half of Scots have English relatives; and travel across the border is at an all-time high.

Our ties are not built on government and constitutional arrangements alone. It is about something much deeper than that: the bonds of kinship and the strength of our individual, and community, relationships which span the border."